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What is mySportsplanner.com?

mySportsplanner.com is a free, simple to use online scheduling tool for the efficient organization of team sports. As many team members also have jobs, study, family and other commitments, it typically requires a time-consuming combination of text messages, telephone calls and emails to find out which team members will be present at various team events. mySportsplanner.com allows sports teams to easily coordinate their events via a simple and intuitive website.

How much does mySportsplanner.com cost to join?

Absolutely nothing. Joining the mySportsplanner.com community is free.

How does it work?

The focus of mySportsplanner.com is simple. A personal plan is available where all team events can be registered. In addition to sporting activities, coaching sessions, teambuilding weekends other events can also be defined, any of which can easily be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. Thereafter, team members can indicate their presence or absence at each event and determine their teams competitions at a glance. The integrated e-mail messaging system allows notifications to be sent to all or individual team members. Furthermore, each team has a webpage with a summary of personal information for all team members.

Who are the people behind mySportsplanner.com?

The website is run by sporters. The site has been developed by Aart Nicolai, a rower from the Netherlands. His aim was to coordinate his own team activities more efficiently. Soon after the first launch he decided to open the website for other sporting teams. Many different sporting teams are now enthusiastic users of mySportsplanner.com. Aart takes an active role in the development of the site. He incorporates a variety of different web-technologies to enhance usability and the members online experience. mySportsplanner.com has the ambition to become a universally known website for the organization of team sports. To realize this we are always seeking for organizations to sponsor and advertise throughout the website.