FAQ topics

Setting up an account

Setting up your mySportsplanner.com account only takes a few minutes and weve made it as simple as possible. Weve outlined instructions as a point of reference should you need it.

Team name, username en password

Your team name and username can be anything you want. Simply fill in this field and well let you know immediately if its available. Make your password something that youll remember but if you do forget it, we can email it to you right away (click forgot password on the Log in Page).


Select the sport of your team from the dropdown box. In case the sport of your team is not in the list, select other sport to add this to the database.

Team captain: first name, surname and email address

Every team has one member that can be called the "team captain". We are asking for the details of this person here. The team captain will get more rights for the use of mySportsplanner.com. This person is allowed to erase activities from the schedule and to add and remove team members from the team. Next to that we would like to know the details of one of the representatives of the team. We wont use it to send undesirable emails but will use it when its necessary for the efficient use of mySportsplanner.com by your team.

Where did you hear from mySportsplanner.com?

We would like to know if our marketing activities are successful. Please give a specific reference.

Add event types

With even types we mean the different events or activities of your team. For example: training, competition, running or wining and dining. You can add a maximum of 5 different events. If you require more activities you can add them later on once you are logged in on the Settings page. As soon as youve registered the team activities you can repeat them as often as you like. If you need to make changes to the event types, log in and go to Settings.

Add team members

As soon as youve registered the names and email addresses of your team members they will automatically receive an e-mail invitation by mySportsplanner.com. This email contains a quick explanation of the use of mySportsplanner.com, a link to a demo version and their username and password. We suggest the team members to register their presence and absence. If you dont have all the email addresses of you team members by hand now you can add team members later on. You need to log in, go to Team members and Add team members.