FAQ topics


Team settings

The most used feature at this page is to add team activities. Select update team events if you need to add new activities of your team. If you want to add more than one team activity you need to do it one by one. A new box to add a new activity will be shown as soon as you have saved a previous activity.

Qualities of team members

Examples of qualities of team members are: fixed team member, reserve team member, keeper, coaches etc. You can add or change the qualities here. You can mark the qualities as countable. When you mark a quality as countable you will notice that at the last row of the schedule tha total amount of team members that will be present with countable qualities is shown.

How to make team members countable

At the bottom of the schedule you find the total amount of team members that will be present at the specific events. Only the team members that have a quality thats countable will be counted. Most teams will mark the fixed team members as countable and a coach for example as uncountable. If the total amount at the bottom is not the right amount because some members are unnecessary counted or uncounted, you can change it easily at quality of team members. You only need to mark or unmark the box count in schedule after the specific qualities.

Change password

If you want to change your password you need to do that here. Please inform your team members of the changes you made because they cant login with the old password.