FAQ topics

Team members

At this page you find the most important contact details of al your team members together.

Extra contact details

If you need more contact details of your team members select the visiting card of a specific team member. You will see the full address of the team member. After selection, data of the team member may be also be added or deleted.


Feel free to upload a photo of yourself here. This page gives a nice picture of your team if all team members do so. Click the browse button then select an image from your computer. It can be in gif or JPEG up to 1 megabyte in size. The picture will be decreased to 80 x 100 pixels. Be alert that uploading will take a couple of minutes.

Add team member

Add the contact details of the new team member here. The new one will automatically receive an email with the log in details and a demo version of site. A visiting card will be added to the page with the details of the new team member. You will also notice that the new team member has been added to the schedule.

Email your team

Within a couple of seconds you can email your whole team. Its also very simple to extract one or a couple of team members of the email. Just select the names of the team members you want to send an email. This message will be send directly to the email addresses that are known by mySportsplanner.com. As sender you will see mySportsplanner.com, thats why its important to select your name as sender as well. Otherwise the team members wont know by which team member the message has been sent.